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MM Group was established in 2015, as a sister company to a successful garage. MM Group is the pairing of a Mechanic with almost 30 years of experience, eight years of knowledge gained at university and technical college (as well as through the independent running of the previously mentioned business for nearly a decade),  and a skilled Auto-electrician, also with years of experience in the trade, a specialized college education, and experience running a separate business, also for almost a decade (Autolec HD Ltd). Thus, MM Group provides a uniquely diverse range of services, that most others cannot, through our knowledge of both mechanics and auto-electrics, and their combined product – chiptuning. We are only as good as we say, never boasting false information to look any better, and in the same sense are very honest when it comes to our work; we will tell you up-front what needs to be done with your car in order to maximize its performance. Aside from always providing the best service we can, honesty is our number 1 policy.

OUR WORKwe take pride in our work

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