We are specialists

Chip tuning,ecu remapping- modification of the engine controller (ECU) software.

Automotive companies restrict the power of engines, wanting to protect themselves against improper use by exploitative customers. Often the same engine is available in several power versions – and you must pay extra to the dealership for a more powerful version of the exact same engine; they simply reset the engine of the car you are buying to its’ original potential. This technique often fools customers into thinking they are being sold a car with a better, more powerful engine, when all they are really getting is the same engine they would buy anyway; just reset to allow more power.

Our service is aimed at the custom tuning of all components to the full capabilities of the drive unit, which results in an increase in power and torque. Ultimately, this results in greater car dynamics as well as reduced fuel consumption while maintaining the current engine lifespan and reliability.

We offer:


  • chip tuning for petrol and diesel engines, as well as for hybrids and bi-fuel LPG cars
  • correction of the starting dose (problem with warming up the TDI engine)
  • Software deactivation of DPF / FAP particle filters
  • EGR software solutions, lambda probe, DTC deletion
  • car electronics
  • mechanical modifications
  • mechanical service